Drink coffee. Be happy. :)





Flamjeaux Coffee Company is locally owned and operated and serves the local communities of Mandeville, Covington and beyond. Our fresh roasts can be purchased at our newly opened interactive coffee lab in Old Mandeville, at the Mandeville Trailhead Community Market, in Old Metairie at the monthly Family Arts Farmers Market and online.

What’s In a Name?

Flambeaux Carriers Mardi Gras Flamjeaux.JPG

Flamjeaux Coffee Company got its name from the Flambeaux (flames in French) that are used by many Krewes as part of the parades and festivities of Mardi Gras season.  Flambeaux were originally used in parades as a means to light the way of the route before lighting was available on floats and streets.  As coffee is roasted over flame, it seemed a fitting name to weave in a New Orleans tradition to my coffee roasting business.  To see more on the Flambeaux tradition go here and like me while you’re there!




You can Purchase Flamjeaux coffee at the following locations:

Flamjeaux's Interactive Coffee Lab

2012 Jefferson Street - Old Mandeville

Mandeville Community Trailhead Market

Each Saturday 9a - 1p 

Family Arts Metairie Market - Old Metairie

Each 3rd Tuesday 3:30p - 7:30p

Sacred Earth Wellness Boutique - Mandeville

Tessier Gourmet Mercantile - Covington

Or you may enjoy Flamjeaux at these fine establishments: 

Leonardo's Trattoria - Mandeville

Field Church Sunday Service - Mandeville

MarVilla Guest House - Old Mandeville

de la Bleau Bed & Breakfast - Old Mandeville

The Barley Oak - Old Mandeville

Savage Skillet - Bay Saint Louis

Leopold’s Ice Cream - Savannah, Georgia

Coming Soon:

The Book & The Bean - Old Mandeville

Old Rail Brewery and Restaurant - Old Mandeville

The Story

Flamjeaux is a manifestation of a dream that has been brewing for years. My 20 plus years in foodservice began in coffee as a General Manager of the flagship location of Community Coffee’s spinoff Gourmet Coffee House (CC’s) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and where my love affair with coffee began. In some form or fashion, coffee seemed to follow me throughout my career  with an ultimate curiosity about roasting. It seemed a natural progression, only backwards, as roasting is where it all begins. But for me, it is my hope that roasting is where it all ends as my last job doing something I love and about which I am very passionate.

I hope you enjoy drinking Flamjeaux as much as I enjoy roasting it.